ISWC 2016 : Reportage de la télévision japonaise

Un reportage réalisé dans le cadre d’ISWC 2016, conférence mondiale dédiée aux technologies du Web sémantique.

Un extrait retranscrit :

 » Researchers from around the world gathered at a conference in Japan last week to discuss and demonstrate the latest developments in semantic web technology. The field of learning supports the advancement of artificial intelligence, and could revolutionize lifestyles.

The word « semantics » comes from the Greek word « semantikos », which means « the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning ». Semantics in the world of IT means tagging every word and data on the internet with information that will make it easier to find relevant information.

Research in the area began in the late 20th century and it is now being put into practical use. The International Semantic Web Conference brought some of the brightest minds in the field to Kobe, western Japan. Participants reflected on where semantic web technology currently stands, and where it intends to go.

About 500 people attended from 42 countries. They spoke about various sectors – including medical services, entertainment and agriculture – in which the application of semantic technology is being considered, or is already under development.

One demonstration allowed users to remotely access a robot located in France, and watch it move in real time on video. If the technology was applied in a museum, it would allow remote visitors to see exhibitions as if they were actually there, and obtain additional information on the exhibits. The developer behind the technology aims to put it into practical use in schools and hospitals. »


L’article intégral est à lire sur le site de la NHK.


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